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Today, the workforce that manages water resources programs at all levels of government and in the private sector needs information and tools to recognize the implications of a changing climate or to make complex climate change adaptation decisions related to freshwater resources. On this page you will find educational and communication tools:

WTIUCC Residence Course Announcement

Developing Climate Change Training Capacity

CCAWWG agencies are working with the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research COMET Program and NOAA-RISA Western Water Assessment to develop a new COMET Professional Development Series, “Assessing Natural Systems Impacts under Climate Change.” This series is designed to provide technical training to water resources professionals on how to incorporate climate change science and uncertainties into a variety of natural resource impacts assessments, including those related to surface water hydrology, crop irrigation requirements, water temperature, river and reservoir sedimentation, water quality, and land cover. More…

Additional Educational Opportunities

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Mangrove Trees

Mangrove Trees